Episode 9
nigel and Quell meet the ogre lords


Scanning the ogre lords for bodies to loot, I meet nigel and Quell. It seems to be their first encounter with an ogre lord.


The ogre lord did not appreciate this comment


Knowing that if they melee an ogre lord, one of them will fall, so I offer some friendly advice.


It does not take long for the inevitable to happen


Hmm perhaps he expects me to rez?? I think not!


Now I just have to wait for nigel to die and it will be a nice double loot!


But what's this!? a 2nd ghost arrives on the scene by the name of Rush! I run off to look for Rush's body while I wait for nigel to die.


Ahhh!! found it!


I go back to check on nigel... and sure enough he was taking a little nap.


By the time I had finished looting Rush the other bodies had decayed... I had to make a couple trips to the bank for this one.

All in all, a nice triple loot!