Episode 75
The vendor house of horrors!


Often the best place to loot, is in your own home!
I set up a curious looking blue box in the middle of the room at my desert vendor house. Then I send a few gates to the Brit bank.

Bryan was the first to fall victim to the lethal trap box.



I ban the ghost, so he can not return to collect his things. Then loot the corpse clean.

The corpse is freely lootable thanks to Bryan being in the thieves guild.


Ahh, the thief's real name is revealed as Maddog. He returns to the scene and threatens poor  Jones with a GM call!


Suddenly I find myself in familiar territory...
In jail, where I am greeted by a GM.


Illegal? Well that has not stopped Jones in the passed!



Now that that unpleasantness was behind me, I log into my second account and continue gating players to my house.

Bosk, recognises my mage at the bank, but unfortunately he does not enter the gate...


I return to the bank a bit later, and see Rastilin Methusa looking to join a guild.

I inform him to follow me through the gate, where he will be "initiated" into my guild... Two others follow us through the gate.


At this point, I am logged into two accounts at once. My other character is in the green kilt, and white wizard hat.

I tell Rastilin that his guild items are in the blue box... can you guess what happens next?



Unfortunately the other two do not attempt to open the trapped box.

Rastilin returns from his trip to the nearby shrine...


I am again, suddenly whisked away to jail before I get a chance to loot the corpse!

Thankfully, I am logged into my second account as well ;-)

Whilst I am explaining myself to the GM on one account, I am busy looting the corpse on my second account.



Back at the house I ban the remaining onlookers and the corpse finally decays. There are some nice items to be had!


The GM then releases me...


The following day, I decide to make a little maze on my roof...

I begin sending gates to the Brit bank... The first to come through the gate is Coma



Coma opens the box, but unfortunately manages to recall away in the nick of time!

Next on the list is Desmond from the DW guild.


Desmond, foolishly opens the blue box... It seems he is in trouble.

Coma returns to watch the chaos.


I log in as Jones and prepare for the loot.


Poor Desmond is still wandering about outside as his body decays...

After I loot, Desmond is resurrected and I let him back into my house.

I tell him that his items have been placed into the red box.




Desmond is resurrected again... This time he tries the other red box.


Next Desmond tries the blue box again... Perhaps his items are in there?


Well, Desmond seemed to have had enough fun, so I log out and return later to gate more in more people.

Mushroom is the lucky contestant and seems to be having trouble making his way through the maze.


He finally makes it to the ground floor where he asks me if I have any vanq spears...

Hmm... is there a vanq spear in my blue trapped box?


I log back in as Jones and wait for the loot.



There is not much of value on the corpse, except for a some recall scrolls.

The invisible GM turns up and Mushroom begins to explain what had happened.



Next, the evil GM steals my trapped box!

Perhaps he wanted to do some looting of his own?


Then yet another trip to jail...





Well, I never was one to let a GM tell me what to do...

Later, I continue to gate players to my house.

James Obsidian is the final victim, opening the lethal red box.


James waits outside whilst I settle in to loot the corpse... I like the look of the black sandals!


James then returns to the house after resurrecting.






Hmmm... Just a second ago James hoped never to see me in fell...



Ahh, so many kind lootee's hoping to see me in felucca...

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