Episode 74
The adventures of Lucy the guild looter!


I was at the bank with a new, temporary char of mine called Lucy when Daniel of PI makes me an offer to join his guild "DW"

With my char only a day old, I decline his offer... Until Daniel mentions a guild battle that is occurring in a few hours.

Hmm... dead guild members with fully lootable corpses? Time to join a new guild!


First order of business was for my new guild master to buy me a horse! After all I shall need some kind of get away vehicle .

Then its off to the stone to guild me.


We then meet at the Britain graveyard where Daniel introduces me to some of the other members...



We then head off to a felucca tower, where the battle is going to take place

It seems the owner of the house was busy decorating when we arrive, so I inform the group that I am going to take a look around... hoping to find some unlocked valuables.

Sure enough there was a chest full of loot unlocked on the lower floor. As I sort through the loot, the overloaded items begin to fall to the ground.


The rest of the group then decided to head down stairs and continue their conversation.

...Lucy is busy looting!

I was surprised they did not notice the pile of items starting to build up on the floor.

The group then head to the roof to begin the battle. I stash some loot in the nearby forest and make my way upstairs.

I inform the group that I will help resurrect the fallen...

The battle finally commences! Someone is sure to die soon.


First to fall is Akemu... Then Yngwie falls to the blade spirit.


It sure is difficult to resurrect with zero healing, zero anatomy and zero magery!

I carefully sort thru the loot that is still on the corpse, only taking the most valuable items.. the rest of the guild excluding Akemu think I am attempting to resurrect my guild mate.

Amongst the loot I snatch a boat key and a chest full of deeds. Time to make a retreat and stash the loot!

When I return to the house, I find the reception to be less then welcoming!


Weapons drawn, my angry guild gives chase!

We play hide and seek for a while, until I decide I have worn out my welcome!



I return home, go through the loot and dock my new dragon ship!

It seems as though Akemu was going to use these deeds to decorate his tower... I believe they will look better in my new vendor house!

The following day, I notice oaklahoma busily decorating his new house...

Looting a house can be made much easier whilst running two accounts simultaneously.

I log into my original account and recall to the house with Jones.

A quick fake recall, and oaklahomer tries to lock down a chest.


On my second account as Lucy, I ask what has just happened.



Later that night at the bank, I run into my old guild, DW!

It seems they were still a little bitter...



Ahh... the old "better hope we don't meet in felucca" line! Well that was the first time someone had said that after we had already met in felucca!



T'is strange that people think a rogue should be courageous and honourable...





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