Episode 73
Painting the desert red with Vladimir!


Whilst checking my vendor in the compassion desert, I see Vladimir being chased by a group of snakes and scorpions.

Vladimir: "oi help"


At first, I was not quite sure what help Vladimir required, but it seems he simply had no way to return home.


Time to exploit the situation thanks to one of my favourite creatures... the scorpion!

Who ever said herding is a useless skill?


Vladimir's health slowly begins to drop... He manages one last desperate cry for help.


The corpse was only 2 screens away from the compassion shrine, but still in an excellent position for looting.

Vladimir returns, but within seconds he is set upon by scorpions and harpies... time for another trip to the shrine.


Vladimir returns from the shrine again

He almost makes it to the corpse.. unfortunately Vladimir has a few friends waiting and he is quickly driven off.


With all this running around, Vladimir had quite a large following.

Vladimir seemed quite desperate to retrieve his belongings and offers payment in return for my help.


I figure that whatever I find on the "soon to decay" corpse will be payment enough.

Vladimir succumbs to the sea of monsters yet again and continue to seek my help.


By this time, the first corpse was due to decay, so I prepare to loot whilst Vladimir looks on.



I stash the loot in my vendor house and walk over to the shrine where Vladimir was waiting.


Well I had stopped as there was nothing left to loot! Oh oh, that harpy was getting a little close!

The conversation was cut short with Vladimir hitting the floor again...


...and again.


Vladimir follows me to the "safety" of my vendor house.




I was wondering what it was that was so important to Vladimir amongst his belongings, as it was quite ordinary loot.
There was a set of house keys though.




A newbie eh? Well, I never was one for sop stories...
Being a newbie, I doubt he would have been able to afford the outrageous price I was going to demand.

Vladimir was no longer needed, so I politely ask him to leave...



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