Episode 72
Tomas Elvandar - Rogues do not make the best healers


At the Britain bank I follow a lady by the name of Jas into the tinkers with my packhorse.

 It seems she has just purchased a large sum of boards from the NPC. I quickly snatch up the boards as she attempts the leap frog them to the bank.


Jas then asks if I might return the boards.


999 boards are not easily carried... But easily looted if you have the appropriate transportation.




After banking my boards and releasing my packhorse, I switch characters and venture off to the City of the Dead.

I stumble upon Tomas Elvandar solo fighting some of the lesser creatures.



This potential lootee was ripe for the picking.

At first Tomas begins with a single Bone Magi... I decide to bring him some tougher competition.



I offer to keep him healed... Unfortunately I forgot to click on his health bar after casting!

Tomas fought valiantly, surviving from a fraction of health on a few occasions... But eventually something had to give.


He could not escape that final, lethal fireball.

I wait patiently by the corpse with the monsters.

Tomas returns before the corpse has had time to decay... 

Unfortunately for Tomas, he has attracted the attention of the waiting monster posse.


Invis him? and waste precious reagents?!?

Suddenly the body decays to bones... Let the looting begin!


Tomas, did not have time to help me loot with that murderous mob of monsters on his tail!


Hmmm, how nice of Tomas to keep the monsters entertained whilst I scoop up the remaining loot.

Opps, it seems they were playing a little rough.

I return home to sort through the loot, then back to the scene of the crime to thank Tomas.


"can i have my stuff" If only I had a bag of reagents and a pile of gold every time I had heard that one.

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