Episode 71
Hunting the valorite elemental


Whist at the bank, I overhear Flash and Madcow discussing plans to kill a valorite elemental.

The plan was to hire a group of warriors to melee the monster while Flash and Madcow kept them healed. Mages are quite useless against a valorite elemental...

 I decide to come along for the ride with my new character, Maverick.


Only one warrior, by the name of Lord Dragoth turns up... I look on as he commences to melee the extremely dangerous valorite elemental, while Flash and Madcow try to keep him healed.

Madcow begins to wonder why I am not helping with the healing.


Flash and Madcow desperately tried to keep Dragoth healed as I looked on.... But eventually something had to give!


The two mages manage to resurrect Dragoth without a problem... This time I enter a party with Dragoth, hoping he will die again...

The group heals up and prepares for round 2 with the valorite elemental, whilst I remain hidden, waiting for Dragoth to die.


Thankfully, I did not have to wait long...

I race in to loot while Madcow and Flash try to rescue Dragoth...

When he is finally resurrected, Dragoth is not to happy!


But very observant!


Dragoth wonders off leaving Flash to let off some steam.


Ahh, it seems he has heard of me... but compliments will get him nowhere!




Suddenly the Valorite elemental turns on Flash!


Unfortunately I am not in a party with Flash, so I can not loot him... yet.



Suddenly Madcow is struck down by the valorite elemental.



Madcow falls yet again, trying to retrieve his things, so I decide to return with a character more suited for looting ;-)

I mark a rune to the area, and recall back with Jones... Madcows nightmare had died and had barely made a scratch on the valorite elemental.

By now, Dragoth was long gone... I keep the valorite elemental close to the unlooted corpses while Flash desperately tries to resurrect Madcow.


I have noticed with spirit speak, ghosts sometimes say strange things indeed...


Oh dear... The valorite elemental interrupts Flash's casting.

Looting will be made quite a lot easier with both mages dead!

Madcows first corpse decays and I loot the various items he left behind... Now Flash attempts to recover some lost pride.


Now I am hoping that he is trying to insult me here...



I recall home to stash a load of loot and return to loot the other bodies... Flash is still there waiting.







Suddenly Rinoa passes by and offers some help.


Flash begins to desperately beg Rinoa for a res while I try to convince her that he would prefer to remain a ghost.


Remember Flash, When you are dead... no one can here you scream! ;-)


Rinoa, obviously quite confused, recalls away leaving Flash as a ghost.


By now, the area was looking a bit like a graveyard... I pickup some of the remaining items while Flash looks on.


With every corpse looted, it was time for me to leave.


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