Episode 70
Annaleah - A reward for my service!


On my looting rounds, I spot the ghost of Annaleah at the Yew lich area....

Now if only she will be kind enough to direct me to the loot.


Well that was a small white lie...



It seems spirit speak is paying off quite nicely! I run off to the south to find the corpse, while Annaleah realises she may have just made a silly mistake!


I locate the corpse where she said it would be and quickly round up some liches in case Annaleah manages to find a healer.

I seems as though Annaleah was still under the impression that I was there to help her!


My faithful lich friends continue to guard the corpse, until finally it decays.



By the time I finish looting, Annaleah returns to her now empty corpse.

The lich quickly re-introduces Annaleah to the spirit world.

Annaleah then follows me north, toward the road.





I felt extra generous today so I decide to also return her plain white dress... along with a little calling card.

Annaleah was overjoyed!


Annaleah finds a res thanks to a passer-by. Unfortunately she can not be ressed due to being in a faction.


She finally manages to seek out an NPC healer and returns to collect her things.


It seems Annaleah is a little camera shy.



I decide to take my leave, but Annaleah informs me that she has a parting gift for me!


Well I am sure she meant well!


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