Episode 7
SoulMaster - "Heal me!!! In Lor me!! Where is my body!?"


Doing my rounds of Shame, I notice SoulMaster is a spot of bother.


Even in his current state of health, he was concerned for my safety, screaming "HEAL!!! HEAL!!!!!!!".
Since I am already at full health, I decline his offer of aid.


SoulMaster hits the ground thanks to one of the Air Elementals. I see another newly ressed run by by the name of HairyNosedWombat.
I follow him to his almost decayed corpse.

It seems I am not the only looter here today, for an Air Elemental was camping the corpse.


The body turns to bones and HairyNosedWombatombat manages to get his mace and shield.... I move in to loot.

An average loot... nothing to special on this corpse.

Back to the looting of SoulMaster.


It seems SoulMaster is having trouble locating his body even though he is standing right next to it.
He starts to scream "IN LOR ME!!!!". I assumed that he wanted to cast In Lor on me, but it was already in effect.


He was still having trouble finding his body, so I decide to stand directly on top of it for him.... Hmmm perhaps that made it even more difficult to find?


The body decays to bones and I begin to loot! I liked the look of this!
That bag was rather heavy.


Apparently he had a friend called Comciler that he wanted me to meet.


I did not like to be in dungeon overweight by 10 stone so I ask him to meet me in town.


Back at the bank there was alot of loot to sort through. I do not know what posses one to take 200-200 of each reg to a dungeon...