Episode 68
Bosk buys some information


Well, It seems I have made yet another new enemy in Bosk after episode 65.

Whilst at the bank using a disguised character, I spot this on Bosks profile.

Who better to sell information about Jones than Jones himself!

I approach Bosk and ask him about the profile. My disguise kit has given me the name Allen.


Bosk hands me 2k and I agree to take him to the house. Bosks friend Arischa joins us.


I tell Bosk that Jones's house is in the compassion desert and he opens us up a gate.

We arrive at the desert... now it is just a matter of picking just the right fake house ;-)

I lead Bosk and Arischa through the the desert for a bit until I see a nice little inconspicuous sandstone house.

The Desert Forge... I have no idea who owns this house, T'was simply the first house I saw that did not have a players name on the sign.


Poor Bosk is a little too trusting... It would have been quite interesting if the real owner of the house suddenly showed up...


I am always willing to help... When it benefits me that is...

Bosk hands me the rest of the gold... Time to reveal myself.









I am not silly enough to accept gates from strangers, least of all someone I have just ripped off...

I catch this on party chat just before Bosk disbands the party.

I was recently told by my friend, Excorsist that he sold a fake "Jones house rune" to Bosk for a tidy sum that lead to the Terathan Keep. Nice work Excrosist ;-)

So... If anyone out there wishes to make a quick pile of gold.... Sell Bosk some "information".

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