Episode 67
Elwyn Elorien - The loot of love


When I arrive at shame, I find a fresh corpse already waiting to be looted.


One of Elywn's friends is trying to deal with the group of murderous earth elementals.

Ahh, it seems they require my aid... As always, I am willing to help.


Help myself to the loot that is!

Elwyn is soon resurrected but seems to be having trouble locating his corpse.

The corpse turns to bones and I loot as much as I can.


Ash then asks if I managed to save any of the loot.


Now the group begins to realise why I am really there.




I take a closer look at the loot and notice a book... From the title, I can only assume it was not meant for the eyes of a looter.




The group begins to ramble on whilst I read through the book...


It was a book of 37 reasons why Elwyn loves Ash.... How touching!

A looter has no time for romantic novels, so I offer to sell Elwyn the book back.



Hmm, but I did not want to keep it, I wanted to sell it!




Well, no buyers for the book so I decide to take my leave.



Refusing to buy back the book will not result in me returning it for free.

That would be bad for business!

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