Episode 66
Trying to out loot the looter


I am wandering around the City of the Dead, when I see Dark Blade and Pirven valiantly fighting the undead.


Suddenly I am accused of luring and a GM call threat is thrown at me!


Well, I had never been so insulted!


...oh, that lich!

I decide to leave the area and I bid them farewell...



The conversation is cut short with the laggy Pirven being attacked by the savage mage.


Hmm perhaps my stay shall be extended...

Pirven desperately tries to escape the savage mage whilst I offer him some encouragement.



It does not seem like Dark Blade can res, so Pirven sets off to find a healer.

I figure it will be a while until Pirven returns, so I set about camping the corpse while Dark Blade tries to lure the Savage mage away.

Not to successfully...

Instead of actually luring the mage away, It would simply follow Dark Blade back to the corpse.


The corpse was about to decay, So I get into position.

Dark Blade was still conveniently trying to lure the monsters away from the corpse just as it decayed to bones.


Pirven returns just in time to see me loot.



With the loot complete, I return home to go through the loot...

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