Episode 65
Trouble in Deceit - Jones saves the day!


Deceit has always been one of my favourite dungeons to loot in... Problem is, people rarely hunt there anymore.

On this particular day it seems a group of adventures had run into a bit of trouble!... Lucky for them, Jones has turned up to rescue the loot!



Seriozha quickly joins her fallen comrades.

Greenflame had already recovered his things and was busy helping the others... Now he asks for my help.


Unfortunately for Greenflame, I would only kill the lich if it benefits my looting.

He manages to resurrect Bosk... Well, I can not have an evil healer ruining my loot.

The silver serpent was eager to get a piece of Greenflame... Opening secret doors can be lethal!


Next it was Bosk's turn to ask for my help... Instead of helping, I hide and wait for his inevitable death at the fangs of the silver serpent.



The corridor was starting to get littered with bodies..

Seriozha returns to the scene with Andrakis, hoping to recover her loot.


This time she requires no help from me to get herself killed...

Her first corpse turns to bones just as she falls to the ground! It does not look like her guild mate is of much help!



I let the silver serpent into the room where Andrakis is hiding so I can loot in peace.

The silver serpent proceeds to chase Andrakis around in circles whilst I loot his guild mate..


Bosk now realises what is happening and decides to speak up.. I have my spirit speak active.



I do a quick bank of the loot and return for Greenflame's things.

When I return, I first have to take care of the helpful silver serpent.


Non violently that is!


The body decays with perfect timing and is full of loot.


Greenflame begins to wonder how he will get out of here.


Somehow, I doubt the "helpers" will return.







Ahh, what an understanding lootee!

Later I see Bosk at the Brit bank.




Hmm... It seems Bosk was not quite as understanding as Greenflame.

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