Episode 63
Jones goes ghost hunting!


I had recently decided invest in spirit speak... After all, who knows what profound things ghosts are saying as I loot? OOooO ooO

I set about raising the skill to 92... Now all I need is to test it, so I hunt around town for a volunteer ghost.


No one seemed to be interested even after offering 5k as payment, so I decide to take a trip to the fire dungeon and create my own ghost.

When I arrive at the dungeon I see DarkWind killing daemons with his dragon. Just as DarkWind is about to gate out of the dungeon I open the door to the daemon room...

It looks at though DarkWind's stay in the dungeon will be extended.

DarkWind quickly falls and the monsters go to work on his pets.

Now it is time to test my new skill. I begin to make contact with the deceased.


After a long pause, the ghost looks as though it is about to speak... What profound wisdom will this ghost reveal about the other side?


Hmm... That seems to be the same thing that is often said to me in the living. It was hardly the response I was looking for!


While we are waiting for the corpse to decay DarkWind's healer turns up, so round up some guards for the corpse.


Luckily, DarkWind's Healer does not stay and help him recover the loot.

DarkWind manages to lure the efreet away but amazingly another efreet spawns just a few squares away from the corpse... A very strange place to spawn indeed, but it did the trick.


DarkWind manages to survive the efreet attack but the corpse turns to bones while he is busy casting invisibility.


Without a word, DarkWind opends a gate and tries to leave the area.. He sure is having some trouble with the gate...

Looks like DarWind has hit the wrong rune... He will not be getting far.


The dragon runs off to fight the efreets and DarkWind continues with the gate casting.


Finally he manages to cast a successful gate to town, but the dragon will not go through!


The dragon seemed more interested in what was in the efreet room, so I open a door to let it inside.


Another gate is cast but it turns out to be the same rune he used in the first attempt.

A final gate is cast but the dragon simply will not follow... Instead it somehow ends up on the efreet room roof and goes wild.

DarkWind seems less than impressed...


I am hoping for another chance to speak ghost with DarkWind, so I peacemake the efreet that was still targeting the dragon.

Incredibly, DarkWind tries to teleport to the roof to re-tame the now hostile dragon... This would have meant sure death.



Unfortunately DarkWind just manages to escape the efreet attack and recalls away to safety leaving the doomed dragon stranded on the roof...

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