Episode 62
Chopper - Never waste time getting back to your corpse!


I am in dungeon Shame when I notice the elder gazers have targeted Chopper in another part of the dungeon.


I think nothing more of it and recall back to Britain to sell my newly acquired hair restyle deed.

I then notice Chopper returning from the healers... Lucky for me, I know where his corpse is without having to ask him!

I quickly recall to the spot where I had previously seen him and sure enough... one dead Chopper.


I can only assume poor Chopper tripped and impaled himself on the sharp stalagmites.... or perhaps the poison elemental got him...

It does not take long for the body to decay, so I lure the poison elemental away and inspect the loot.


Very nice indeed... A full suit of Invulnerability leather armour with Invulnerability helm.

Just as I finish looting, Chopper returns...


Perhaps if he did not stop to buy a new horse he would have recovered his loot?





Ahh.. so Chopper is also a vile looter?


Chopper then asks how much I would sell him the armour for, now that we are friends...



It seems we are no longer friends, so I recall back to the bank.

I take a closer look in the bag and what do I see?

Ahh.. A fine ship it is!

And an even finer set of armour!

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