Episode 61
Redrohnin to the rescue! - Jones loots a newbie


I arrive at the elder gazers in shame and notice Lady Apple awaiting a res and a recently resurrected coyote.


The no longer "Lady" Apple returns to the living and I follow her back to the corpse.


There is not much on the corpse of value, but I loot what I can... Ahh but what is this?


I recall to the ship and quickly dry dock it.


Than back to shame...



I then return to the elder gazer area. Sir Sparhawk points me out as a vile looter!


Coyote is standing in a very dangerous position with an elder gazer targeting him! I decide to open the door to one of the gazer rooms...


Coyote is quickly taken care of by the elder gazer... Sparhawk is to busy with the second gazer to help poor coyote!


While I am waiting for the body to decay, who should suddenly appear but Redrohnin from episodes 2, 3 and 21!

Apparently Redrohnin is here to rescue coyote!


Nice try? But he has not saved coyote yet!

He commences to attempt resurrecting coyote, so I let the 2 elder gazers out to play!



Finally they manage to resurrect coyote, but quite a lot of time has passed and it will not be long before the corpse turns to bones.

Coyote seems to be having a bit of trouble finding his corpse!


The decay is drawing ever closer! Redrohnin tries desperately to direct coyote to his corpse!



Coyote is to late! The body decays and I snatch up loot until I can carry no more!

After I finish looting, Redrohnin valiantly saves coyotes less valuable items such as ringmail armour and cloak and believes he has thwarted Jones's looting attempt!


I am quite overloaded at this stage as coyote was carrying a large sum of gold that he was holding for Sparhawk.

I take a closer look at a deed I looted... I wonder why coyote was carrying a hair restyle deed!

Sparhawk informs me that a GM is on the way, so I decide it is time for me to leave... Redrohnin still thinks he has saved coyote.


I log out and return to the dungeon with a different character to see how the GM call is going.

The group are already talking to the hidden GM when I arrive.


I continue to listen to the conversation...
Redrohnin: "I am a repeat complainer of Jones"




The group then decide to leave the area... Sparhawk seems to hand coyote more things to carry.


Sparhawk and Redrohnin go through the gate but coyote does not quite make it... It seems he is to overloaded!

Uh ohh... coyote is being targeted by an elder gazer behind one of the doors.


One more death for the road eh?

Sparhawk returns with a res and I follow them through the gate back to town.

They do not suspect who I am with my disguised character. So I ask them what had happened.





Ahh... a heart wrenching story indeed! T'was actually 9k... But who's counting ;-)

I later sell the hair deed to Bosk for a tidy profit... Next time coyote, leave thy valuables at the bank.

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