Episode 6
Mindshadow II & Emgecius - "Who wants to buy the bag?"


On my daily rounds of the Lich/controller area south of Yew, I see a very nice set of blue armour on the ground..... Problem was, that it was still attached to a body...


The owner of the armour gets the help of a friend and recovers his things before the body has time to decay.
I decide that I will watch them and at least try to get some loot out of them...


It seems that Mindshadow's friend, Emgecius is in trouble!


Emgecius started to scream "HEAL!"


But what's this? Looks like he has dropped a bag of loot! There was not much in the bag of personal value to me so I thought I would do the right thing and offer to sell it back!


Problem is... it's rather difficult to sell to dead people.


It looks like Mindshadow and Emgecius are having alot of trouble with the spawn here... So I decide to wait until things calm to do business


This is going to take longer than I thought


Just as I thought things had calmed down....


OK... Now that after they had resed again we would be able to complete the transaction for the bag...


The conversation is cut short....


Finally we are able to trade. But Emgecius tries to cheat me by placing only 2k in the trade window when my asking price was 3.5k... I simply would not allow this!


The friendly red mages and golems noticed them trying to cheat poor Jones.


I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get the gold!
I offer to help them out.... but my help is refused.


And the award for the most deaths in one episode goes to....


The transaction is complete.
Fearing another attack from my golem friends, they give me well above my asking price of 3.5k.

Now that was some hard earned gold!