Episode 59
"I don't like looting... I love it!" - A day in the life of a rogue.


My day begins in the fire dungeon where Paw Shaker was killing daemons with his dragon, dragguin. He had left the dragon there while he recalled to town to bank his gold.

I thought I would keep the dragon entertained by opening the door letting the daemons out.

The owner returns to find the dragon almost dead but manages to gate it back to town.


I then go to check on the new looting opportunities at dungeon Wrong... Quite a few tamers there.

One of the tamers had a white wyrm attacking Juka warriors and mages.. The wyrm did not seem to be having much trouble until I brought in some Golems to fight.


The owner was quite disappointed in the white wyrms performance...

I decide to leave dungeon Wrong and head off to the Elder Gazers in Shame...

People tend to get very annoyed when I simply open a door or two!




Zardsor was quite an angry man was he not?

Back at the fire dungeon it finally looks like I will get some loot thanks to Elof Valantor

The ghost patiently waits by his corpse for me to loot... Elof's friend arrives to resurrect him just as his body turns to bones... poor Elof!

T'was nice of him to collect all that gold for Jones!


After banking the loot I head off to the blood elementals in Shame...

It seems Ripply Jagger did not appreciate me practicing my peacemake skills when he was trying to provoke the blood elementals.


I accept a 2.5k bribe to leave the area and am on my way...




Next it is back up to level one of Shame where I am verbally abused by Jenova the second I enter the dungeon!




Ahh a nice chap indeed!

Back at the fire dungeon, I again run into Zardsor provoking daemons and accept another 2k bribe to leave the area.



I then head off to the Lich spawn south of Yew and see Arianna D'Arque in a bit of trouble.


Now it is time for some "text book looting!".

I keep the liches close to the corpse while Arianna runs off to find a res.


About 5 minutes later she returns to the corpse but the liches are ready for her!


Not the best time to be poisoned when you have no means of curing yourself.

With Arianna taken care of, the corpse turns to bones and I complete the loot.


Last stop for the night was Deceit to disrupt Rayden and Mortivus's Bone Knight wall after they refused to pay my bribe.



They begin to wonder why the spawn is not moving up. Then they remember I am hidden in the doorway.



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