Episode 57
Jones and his Ogre Lord friends!


I arrive at dungeon despise and notice many people casting blade spirits on the poor ogre lords.



A player by the name of Amber provokes the ogre lords to attack each other. Then another player, marcus alberton begins to melee the provoked ogre lords, believing he is now safe!


I like the look of the axe Marcus is carrying!


I thought I would give the ogre lords a bit of a chance by stopping the fight...

The ogre lord manages to get his revenge just as it died. Marcus did not see that coming!



Unfortunately there are far to many people about for marcus to remain dead for long...


After Marcus is resurrected, some of the others leave the area, leaving Myself, Marcus and Amber on the island.

Amber again begins casting blade spirits on the ogre lords.... I do not think marcus realises the ogre lord is targeting him!


Marcus is running around speaking in ghost language and I wonder why Amber has not attempted to res him yet...

Now this is what a looter likes to hear!

I enter into a party with marcus and inform him that a friend is coming to help... this buys me a little more time by making the ghost more comfortable about waiting around and not running off to seek a res.



Marcus hangs around for a bit, but eventually runs off to find a res... so I begin to camp the corpse.

The body had fallen in a perfect position allowing me to almost completely cover it. When Marcus returns he is unable to target his corpse at all!


Right on que, my friend arrives to help... and about time!



The ogre lord then goes after Amber! Uh oh... looks like she is in trouble!


The ogre lord gets greedy and loots Ambers reg bag.

Marcus's first corpse turns to bones and I start to loot.


I return home to store the loot then return for Ambers things... That axe sure does look better when it is in my pack!


While I am waiting for the corpse to decay, Amber returns.

I move into position over the corpse.


With that ogre lord on her, I think it is Amber that should be moving!

Amber then runs a few steps to the south of me and casts invisibility in an attempt to get me killed by the ogre lord!

Unfortunately for Amber, she does not get the timing quite right...

Ambers body then decays to bones and I loot what is left.


Just over the bridge it seems marcus was having more trouble...




Amber then returns again. Apparently with regs, as she casts paralyse on the ogre lord...

I set the ogre lord free with a magic arrow.



Amber manages to escape by the skin of her teeth. So I take care of the ogre lords and recover the looted reg bag



Back over the bridge and it looked like Amber was a little over loaded, so I get one of my ogre lord friends to help carry some loot! Amber then gets nervous and casts invisibility on herself.


The trouble with the invisibility spell is that eventually it wears off... This time she makes the mistake of trying to paralyse the ogre lord, so I set it free again with a magic arrow.


Amber is far to overloaded to move and simply can not get away this time.




Amber returns just in time to see me loot the two very heavy bags from her decayed corpse.

I am now quite overloaded myself.





Now that Amber had left, I could go through the loot in peace, safely hidden...


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