Episode 56
"It's my party and I'll loot if I want to!"


I am in Dungeon Shame, when I see the copse of Wolf Redstar...Unfortunatley the owner had already recovered his things... A bit further south I run into the party Wolf Redstar is in. They do not seem to be having much luck!



Gorax seemed to like opening strange trapped chests...

Due to the adventurers being in a party, there was not as great chance of loot unless I was very lucky. Perhaps Jones should convince them to let me join? The party consisted of Jo, Wolf Redstar, Gorax and the party leader, Sauron.


Jo begins to get suspicious of my presence.



Unfortunately Jo was correct ;-)

Next, the party ventures to the lower level and I tag along...


Gorax looks to be in trouble.. Sauron fails to heal in time.




I now decide to ask Sauron if I may join the party. After a bit of consideration, he lets me join.



The first thing I do is loot Gorax 7.5k, reg bag and potion bag... By this time I am quite overloaded, so I recall home to store the loot, making the excuse that I need more regs.


I secure the goods and return to my party... I hope they do not suspect anything!



Back at the dungeon Gorax has recovered the rest of his things, but notices something is not right! I make the suggestion that perhaps monsters took the items?


Nay, Air elementals can not loot... But Jones's can!




T'was actually 7.5k ;-)

Sauron seems to know it was me took the goods and kicks me out of the party.




How rude!

The obvious answer to that question was... No.

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