Episode 54
Atheric de'Marin challenges Jones!


Firstly, a little background information on our good friend, Atheric de'Marin...

Atheric has been on a little quest to get poor old Jones banned form UO ever since episode 31. (you will often see him insulting Jones at the bank.) Atheric has called a GM on many innocent players for what he calls "harassment". Yes folks, it is people like this that are the cause of the long waits on legitimate GM calls... and it is also people like this that keep me looting ;-)

Our story begins at the elder gazers in Shame. I recall in and see Atheric fighting gazers with his two golems.


I offer him a greeting and suddenly he begins to curse at Jones!


By the sudden nature of his challenge, it seems Atheric has been waiting for this moment for some time!

I would have thought that he would be over the looting by now, but old grudges do die hard.

He recalls away so I meet him at the bank ready for the duel...


It seems that Atheric is only interested in fighting a bard with little offensive skills. He begins to worry when I turn up with a different character.

Atheric then begins to ICQ his guild mate... since he will be chatting for a while, I tell him I will meet him there...




I arrive at the duelling point as Quincy and notice one of Atheric's guild mates, Kribblette was already there.


Atheric finally shows up and I ask him about the presence of his guild mate.



The blue healer hides near the gate to try and make me think she has left...

Atheric begins to get cocky.




Atheric knows very well that his guild mate is there to heal him during the fight but flatly denies it...

$100? Well perhaps Atheric is under the illusion that wearing a full set of fortification plate, a vanquishing broadsword and an invulnerability shield really does make him invulnerable!


Now the duel begins... well kind of. Atheric does not seem to want to move away from that guard zone.



I offer to go grey for Atheric, but he does not seem to listen... (later at the bank Atheric accuses me of being to cowardly to take a murder count for him...)

I bring Atheric a horse for him to kill so, I can flag grey off it.


Atheric does not seem to understand what flagging grey means... and refuses to kill the horse. Perhaps he thought the horse was my blue healer?

Oh well... it seems the only way the fight will begin was for me to attack him when he is still blue.

Atheric makes a dash for the guard zone as soon as I cast poison on him.

Right on que, look who shows up ;-)


Now that his guild mate is there, Atheric finds the courage to fight back. Just as I suspected, Kribblette begins to cure and heal Atheric...


My only chance was to take out the blue healer, so I wait to see if Kribblette will attack me, now that I am grey.... and she does ;-)

I now leave Atheric alone and go after Kribblette.


Kribblette tried to get in one last heal before she hit the ground.

I then continue the now more fair fight against Atheric...

Atheric's health begins to drop but unfortunately I am still flagged grey and quite guard-whackable ;-)


Atheric begins to flee toward the safety of the guard zone


He manages to to get away and I lose track of him... Oh well maybe we will catch up later. So I return to Kribblette's corpse to loot.


I will never understand why people bring vanq weapons to duels.

After looting Kribblette, I return to the moon gate to look for Atheric

I wait for over 5 minutes and there is no sign of him... I assume he has gone back to trammel, so I go back to the bank to look for him.


Ahh there he is! I ask if we are going back to finish the duel.

Now Atheric begins to flat out lie... saying that I was the one that ran away... Perhaps he needs to review the previous screenshots..

I ignore the false comments and again ask if he wishes to continue the duel.


Well it begins to get obvious that Atheric is not going to finish the fight, so I at least see if he will honor his $100 bet...



My friend, Exorcist turns up (in the black) to laugh at Atheric ;-)... Now Exorcist, that isn't very nice! *snicker*

Atheric seems to be concerned that I will use Exorcist as my blue healer...


Even if I did use Exorcist as my blue healer, he would have made a far better one than Kribblette ;-)

Speak of the devil... Kribblette shows up and I make sure to thank her for the loot.




Atheric has run out of courage so unfortunately the duel is called off...

I am quite sure that after Exorcist and I left, Atheric was busy paging a GM for "harassment" ;-)

My final words to you Atheric: May your quest continue and bring me many more episodes...

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