Episode 53
Jones's house gets looted!


The time had come to sell my old Sandstone house located in the Desert of Compassion. Lady Yolie was the lucky buyer.

We meet at the house to make the transaction.


Lady Yolie, grabs the check but making the trade was proving quite difficult because of that hight spawn!


After a lot of running around and me almost being killed, we finally complete the trade!



Lady Yolie then logs out and I mark a rune a few screens away. Then return to the house with my stealth/thief.


I sneak into the house and notice that she has forgotten to lock down a bag! I quickly snatch it up.

Ahh those will look nice in my new house ;-)


I wait around a bit, but the owner does not return that night, perhaps she will be dropping more things on the ground tomorrow?

I return the next day, and she begins to lock things down. Looks like I am standing in the wrong corner of the room! I miss the large painting and rock by a mili-second ;-)



Lady Yolie recalls away and I return again the following day...

She drops a bag on the ground and I quickly grab it... I hope she does not realise I am there!


I inspect the bag only to find that it is full of bola balls... not the loot I was hoping for...


The following day, I notice she had locked down a bag that contained some daemon bone!
For some reason, she was locking her containers down instead of securing them, allowing me to see what was inside.

For the final time, Lady Yolie returns to the house and starts to unlock things... I wait for the bag to be unlocked.

Success! I grab the pack containing some savage paint daemon bone legs and chest!


I can only imagine her surprise when she finally reveals me.





She then hides in an attempt to get the monsters outside to target me... That trick wont work on Jones ;-)

Modelling my new armour, I shout out a "Thankthee!" and am on my way.


...As for the title of the episode, technically it was my house ;-)

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