Episode 52
Scamming night - But I already have that one!


Jones has acquired quite a few ill-gotten Christmas gifts over the holiday season, but this was the best and easiest single X-mas score...

Whilst at the Britain Bank with my thief, Durden. I notice "nick the slasher" looking for someone...

me: Oh here i am!

Nick then proceeds to place two Holiday Tree deeds into the trade window... Then three statues.


I tick the box and tell him that I will have all of them. Nick then ticks the box and they items are in my pack.

nick: ok dont swindle me... i am not to good

Ahh, but the swindling was complete ;-)


and far to easy!



Nick then begins to warn others of my evil ways!




Now nick must re-deem his pride by valiantly challenging me to a duel!




Tis funny how some people try to redeem their pride ;-)

I then decide to join in on the protesting.



Upon looking more closely at the gifts, I notice something...




Belcozar is at the bank, watching nicks antics and challenges nick to a duel... The offer is refused.

Belcozar then recognises who I really am.


Well it was hardly a mastermind scam! But thankfully there are people like our god friend nick to keep us rogues wealthy!


I l return to the bank with a different char and see Pegasus selling a bag of magic bows for 2k.

I manage to fool him into thinking the 6gp in my trade window was actually 2k




Poor ye say? Well I had better put those bows to good use!


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