Episode 51
One dead packhorse and one looted Nemisis!


I recall into the elder gazer area and notice someone has left a pack horse sitting there all alone!

I wonder what is in the pack...


Unfortunately pack horses are quite unlootable in trammel...  But I might as well have some fun with it.

The pack horse looks lonely, so I decide to bring it an elder gazer to play with... I hide through the portal for a second then return to the scene.



Success! the elder gazer starts attacking the pack horse while it's owner Nemisis attempts to save it!



When the packhorse dies, the elder gazer turns on Nemisis.


Now that is what I call a dedicated saleswoman! Still trying to sell her goods as she falls to the ground!




A T@X member and an orc, Dalthu rush in to see what is going on. No one seems to want to res poor Nemisis!



The T@X member disappears and the orc and I settle in to camp the corspe!




The body then decays and I loot it all except a pile of spider silk that the orc grabbed

Ahh what a nice orc! helping me loot ;-)


It seems Frainc, the T@X GM had gotten word that there was a looting going on down here so he arrives to investigate... Nemisis also returns.



Just as I am about to leave Frainc informs me that Nemisis's mare had also died... what a shame indeed!

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