Episode 50
Jones joins the T@X guild! Part II


If you have not already done so, it would be best if you read episode 49 first.

Day two of my joining the T@X guild, I recall to the bank and see fellow guild member,  Keldorn Firekarm selling a heavy crossbow.



Well that price seemed a little high for me... perhaps he gives guild discounts?




After I store the loot, I change my disguise and return to the bank.


Next on the list was Ace Of Diamonds. This unfortunate soul claimed she would strip if I gave her a recall scroll.



The ultimate humiliation! no recall scroll, but I shall take that armour you were wearing!



I return home again to change my disguise... My new name is Gavin.


Back at the bank, I am attacked by Taslo who was a little "Toslow".




Another disguise change and I am back at the bank attacking Max




Max seems a little confused!



Next I see Robin Hood at the bank. His merry men were no where to be seen.



Later that night I run into LethalIyce.

After attacking LethalIyce, he states that I am a "guild PK" and claims that I have "fucked with the wrong guy".


His friend was a little late with that heal!

Another T@X member arrives with a tame white wyrm... I was not going to stick around to fight it, so I return to the scene as my true self..


Return and face 2 members, a blue healer and a white wyrm? The possibility of more loot did not seem strong tonight, so I recall home and call it a night.

The next day I log in and find that I have been kicked out of the guild...

And thus ends my time in the T@X guild

It should be noted here that I have nothing against the T@X guild. The GM Frainc is a good man and runs a fine guild!
...I was just having my fun with it ;-)

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