Episode 49
Jones joins the T@X guild! Part I


You may remember episode 45, where Jones briefly joins the dragon guild. Well it is now time to join a larger guild with my under-cover fencer...

My goal here was to remain in the guild as long as I could before being kicked out, Killing, looting and exploiting as many members as possible.

I spot 2 members at the West Britain bank and inquire about joining their guild... My characters disguise kit has given me the name "Casey".




I seem to be accepted by the two T@X members. I tell them that I do not wish to engage in PvP whilst in the guild. *evil grin*



GM Frainc is notified and we meet at East Britain bank to be added to the guild... Two other new members are being added at the same time.



We arrive at the guild house and I am accepted into the guild.



I recall back to the bank to see if any of my fellow guild mates are about... and look who is also in T@X,  It's Apoc from episode 35.

Perhaps we can make it 2 out of 2 now?


Apoc and a fellow guild member by the name of Maximus seem to be initiating new members into the guild by attacking them! They have just killed this poor fellow who joined at the same time as I.

Before I can do anything, I am attacked by Maximus.


Ahh my first T@X loot!

Next I go after Apoc.... then his horse.



Apoc returns after a trip to the healers and mumbles that he would like to be res killed!... as you wish Apoc!



I track down Maximus again and we have another "initiation".


Then Apoc shows up and informs me that I am going to die... perhaps he wishes to be res killed again?



It seems that word has gotten out that there is a member killing and looting other members and I am attacked by Zero.



Well time for me to call it a night as there will be much more killing and looting to do tomorrow!

I return home and change my disguise

I think I am going to like this guild...

Part II coming soon!

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