Episode 48
Hurakan, Bait & Odin: When rogues attack!


I was in Delucia with my thief character, Durden and about to head off to the Felucca dungeon of Khaldun.

It seems some other adventurers, Odin, Bait and Hurakan have recently been to Khaldun and were recovering at the Delucia healers. I check to see if they have anything left on the corpse to loot.



Oh well, perhaps I will run into them at Khaldun while I am there.

I arrive at the dungeon, and it seems that they have indeed been here recently.



I am wandering the dungeon for around 10 minutes when I finally run info the group killing monsters.



I steal a dull copper viking sword from Odin.


I stash the sword in a secret hiding place and return to the group.

Oh oh... It seems they do not appreciate thieves!


Unfortunately my thief has only wrestling and 50 magery as an offensive. I also have a very limited supply of nightshade.
This should prove quite a challenge indeed!

Odin and Bait then proceed to join in the attack against me...


Bait almost succumbs to the poison... But I have another problem; Only 25 mana points and 0 meditation.


Bait manages to recover to full health before I can finish him off. It was then that I notice a monster has targeted Hurakan

Time for me to take advantage of this!


This sure is proving difficult! He is healed by Bait and manages to survive this attack.

It seems they have had enough and begin making their way for the exit... Now the battle continues outside.



Suddenly Odin's llama goes wild and is quickly taken care of.



And the battle continues...


At this point I have completely run out of nightshade for poisoning. So I now have almost no offensive powers.

I manage to disarm Odin and steal his spear... Unfortunately he has another...


Odin does not seem to be enjoying himself! and tries to recall away... Unfortunately for him, he is flagged as the aggressor along with the rest of his friends and can not escape so easily!

Finally I manage to steal 5 nightshade.

I set about attacking Odin with the other two on my tail, trying to stop me.


At this point Odin had fled off into the distance and Hurakan had run off toward town, leaving Bait all by himself.




In shock, Bait begins to imagine he is sailing on the high seas!


Again, I run out of mana before I can finish him and Odin also returns.

Things begin to look bad as I was completely out of nightshade again and down to 3 bandages. Luckily Bait retreats into the distance leaving me alone with Odin.

I begin to repeatedly steal things from Odin's pack including all of his 88 bandages and potions.. Unfortunately he does not have any nightshade for me to take.



Now Odin decides that he wishes to bail out on all the fun we are having!... well the fun that I am having...

I decide to offer him an easy way out.


At that exact moment Bait and Hurakan charge in to rescue Odin.

I am not sure what Odin's response would have been if his friends did not turn up...

Quite different to the response I got, I am sure...


With his new found courage, Odin makes a run for it and that was the last I saw of him.

I continue the fight with Bait and Hurakan.



A timeout is called...



If I do not return their things, they think I will just drop it? I think not!


Bait recalls away for a bit leaving me with Hurakan.

I manage to disarm him and steal his sword shield and bandages. Unfortunately he has no nightshade for me.


Bait returns again to heal Hurakan.

Time to focus my efforts toward Bait since Hurakan is now quite disabled.

I am hidden and Bait begins to make threats at me!


I manage to snag all of Bait's 58 nightshade... Finally I have some offensive!




After looting Bait, I move on to Hurakan... Now  with all the regs I will need!

Hurakan tries to escape, but I had already stolen his recall regs... Perhaps he should have fled while he had the chance, as he is now completely defenceless!


Bait is still watching from the other side...


Hurakan runs across the bridge and finally drops to the poison.



I loot him clean and leave his carcass to the mong bats


My pack was now bursting so I decide that it is time to call it a day and bank my new found loot...

Remember folks, this is what happens when rogues attack!

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