Episode 47
Lord Lance II and his foolish pride


I am fighting elder gazers in dungeon Shame with my "under-cover" character, when I see Lord Lance II charge in with his White Wyrm.



He seems to be concerned that I am taking quite a while killing the gazers with my sword.

I was about to leave the area before he starting yelling things such as "nOOb", "Trammy!" and "U suck!". This one sure did have a temper!

He then states that he wishes to meet me in Felucca... Now I do not usually accept duels from imbeciles, but occasionally they just need to be taught a lesson.... and who knows, there may be some loot in it!



Lord Lance II turns up as his character Zedan.

We agree to meet at Yew, Felucca... By this time, he was busy gathering his friends for an ambush... as I expected.


We are fighting fairly for a few minutes, when suddenly 2 more names appear on my screen and begin to attack me.

I hide next to a nearby house and they gallop straight passed. The odds now seem to be against me, so I decide that it is time for some dirty tricks of my own! ;-)


I casually stroll over to the moon gate and wait for them to attack. Surely they would not be stupid enough to attack me?


One of them managed to survive the brutal attack from the guards.. But I did catch him saying this about his friends as he walked off screen:


Well time to loot these corpse's... one of those reg bags sure was heavy!


I was overweight by 60 at this stage.

Someone arrives with a faction character. So I have to hold the reg bag on my curser until he has finished throwing insults my way.



Well, I did ;-)

He seems to be mistaking me for someone who gives a damn... I have no honour, I am a back stabbing rogue!



Well it seemed like he was never going to run out of witty insults, so I hide and pretend to exit through the moon gate.

It worked! and he finally leaves me to correct my little overweight problem. ;-)


Back at my humble abode, I change my disguise and go through the loot.


Between UoKiller and Zedan, there were 200-400 of each reg. Quite a decent loot!

With that amount of regs on them, they were obviously quite sure they would survive their little ambush ;-)

Moral of the story: Do not let your pride cloud your judgement!