Episode 46
The looting Christmas special!


Well it's that time of year again!

After a vicious snowball attack at the bank, I put on my special Christmas robe and head over to dungeon Shame for some good old fashioned Christmas looting!



On level one, I spot some potential loot!


Unfortunately Lao Tzu survived the scorpion attack, so I head to level two.

Dwarflord is bravely fighting air elementals. Jones has a special Christmas gift in store for him!



Dwarflord is in trouble and flee's back up to level one!



After taking a beating from the earth elementals, he is back down to level two...



He attempts to provoke the air elementals to attack each other, but being the peaceful time of year, I could not allow this!


Dwarflord begins to flee yet again, charging for the bridge...



I guess it is time for Dwarflord to unwrap his present, so I place it down at the top of the bridge for him.


Unfortunately for Dwarflord, this prevented him from retreating to safety!

Opps, It seems he does not have time for presents!


Dwarflord makes a valiant effort to retreat to the south, but that poison got him at a really bad time... Dead before he even hit the floor!



I try to reassure the ghost while he waits for me to loot him...



Singing seems to make the time go by faster


Well, Dwarflord should be returning any second, so I set up some guards for the corpse


Sure enough, he arrives naked as the day he was born, charging across the bridge

Then charging back in the other direction...

The body then decays to bones, so I take care of the guards and see what fine presents Dwarflord has left for me!



Ahh... Jones must have been good this year! ;-)

Dwarflord returns fully equipped this time, just as I finish looting



After the loot he follows me back over the bridge.




The onlookers have heard of Jones and understand my Christmas looting!




Time for me to leave and go through my gifts... T'was a fine Christmas indeed!