Episode 45
Jones joins the dragon guild!


This is the story of my very short time in the "*D* dragons" guild.

I am wondering the wilderness with a new special character of mine when I see zenoth sathroth in his guild house.



Well it just so happens that I am in the market for a new guild!



I am in the guild and now there is only one thing left... a title!



Perhaps zenoth should have check what my reputation was before giving me such a title...


I briefly go through the guild rules on zenoth's profile.


Well... I never was very good at following rules.



The poor fellow does not put up much of a fight! but instead attempts to ban me from the house! how rude!

Unfortunately for zenoth, he makes a little typo...



After I loot him, I thank him for the regs and for the wonderful time I had in his guild!



Well it was time for me to leave this guild as I had clearly broken the rules.

Perhaps zenoth shall let me rejoin one day...