Episode 44
Daero - The confused order player.


Whilst transferring items from my chaos character, I see Daero at the West Britain Bank.

It seems he is not a terribly experienced PvPer.



Daero is very confused after he is resurrected and asks why I had killed him.





Yes... he is very confused! Maybe someone joined him to an order guild when he was not looking?



Ahh... So he joined an order guild for the pretty shield and title he gets? Not terribly wise Daero!

The onlookers find the event quite amusing, and at this point I had not even looked through Daero's loot...



What Daero says next makes my eyes light up!


He was not joking about the Vanq katana. He also had a full set of blue GM plate in a bag.

Here I am modelling my newly acquired items!


I later sell the Katana for 105,000 gold.