Episode 43
Goliath and his boards


I am at West Britain Bank when I see Goliath transporting boards to his bank box.

He holds the boards on his curser when he spots me. (Goliath is in the blue apron)



Goliath laughs at me for trying to take his boards, and informs me that I have no chance as he only has a few more steps to the bank.

Goliath makes it to the bank, but unfortunately for him, the boards land on an invalid location or his bank box was full. So the boards appear on the ground where he had last dropped them.


I quickly snatch up the boards for myself... 999 of them.


I do a quick bank and the boards are securely in my possession.



Goliath gives me the "sad story"... Unfortunately the sad story does not work on Jones!



Now Goliath claim to be in his power hour and offers to buy the boards back.



If he is so poor, I doubt he will be able to afford the outrageous price I offer him.



Now he claims to be a counsellor, and a poor one at that!





Now Goliath offers me 2500 for the boards... 2.5gp per board when he purchased them originally for 3gp!?

I repeat to him my non negotiable price...



It appears the only person that has lost something here is Goliath ;-)