Episode 42
Illandor - Thank you for the regs


Ahh... The dragons lair in dungeon Destard is a great source of gold, even you you choose not to kill any of the dragons yourself!


I loot a dragon that Lady Belldandy had recently slain.


Illandor is running around as a ghost, so I get him to lead me to the corpse.


Cause of death: "Horse suffocation!"

The body decays and of course I loot him clean.... Destard lootee's always have a large amount of gold and regs on their corpse.



Lady Belldandy wanders over to see what I am doing... She is very observant!



I leave Illandor a nice thankyou note next to his remains

And a final note to the rest of you Destard dragon hunters... Keep that loot flowing!