Episode 4
Hunter & Woody - The friendly lootee!


While wandering around Shame I notice that Woody hat taken a dirt nap!


But wait! It's the valiant Hunter  to the rescue!


Hmmmm... or perhaps not?


Woody then returns before his body has decayed to bones... It seems the Earth Elemental has noticed his return as well


As soon as Woody reaches his corpse, it decays to bones. So I move in to loot.
My friend, the Earth Elemental helps me out buy knocking Woody to the ground once more.


Not the greatest of loot... It seems Woody managed to pick up a couple piles of regs before he was re-introduced to the ground.
Perhaps Hunter will yield more?


I wander over to hunters body and it had decayed to bones..... Looting time!
I was correct, Hunter had quite a bit more. An orcish bow, 3k+ gold, regs and various other assorted items.


Woody then returns yet again....


Being the polite looter I am, I thank him for the loot.


Woody spoke with a very strange language. I did not quite understand him.
Perhaps he was running over to save me from the Earth Elemental?


Hunter then returns to the scene...


I am very confused about Woody's next remark.... Perhaps it was his way of saying "Thank you kind sir, and good day to thee!"


Hunter seems equally confused.


Woody wishes me a happy life and is on his way.... What a friendly lootee!


I was about to leave when Hunter tripped and fell... again.


Woody had returned and offered me a friendly greeting.


I loot the rest of Hunters things and am on my way.