Episode 36
Grand Dragon - Are you ok?


I am roaming dungeon Shame when I see Golden Dragon.


He seems to be having trouble finding more than 1 or 2 monsters to fight at a time. So I decide to help him out by bringing the monsters to him!


The monsters begin to overwhelm him, Yet he is still concerned for my safety. Perhaps he should have been more concerned for his own!



The health bar gradually drops...



Grand Dragon attempts to escape to the north... but alas does not quite make it...




I settle in to camp the corpse keeping the monsters close the while I wait for it to decay.

Eventually Grand Dragon returns, but is driven off before he can retrieve anything from his corpse.



The body decays and I finish off the loot



Grand Dragon then follows me outside...


What a strange thing to say... I did not once cast invisibility and since when does a rogue only do things that are legal?




Strangely Jones did not receive a visit from the GM... Ahh well.. I guess he was busy.