Episode 35
Minolluin - 1 out of 2 aint bad


I enter the Shame dungeon and find the corpse of Minolluin. It is always good to find the victim already dead when you get there, as you just don't know when it will decay!


Sorry Minolluin, ye shall not be receiving a res from Jones!


The corpse is taking a while to decay!


Ah finally!
Minolluin looks on as I loot him.


The loot is complete and we engage in some ghostly conversation...



Hmm but what is this I see in the distance? Apoc is being attacked by the vicious scorpions!


I quickly do a bank of Minolluins things. There is quite a nice set of plate armour!


When I return to shame, Apoc had died and unfortunately already recovered his things



Well it seems Apoc was aware that I was returning to loot him!


Remember Apoc, there is always next time!