Episode 34
"I wish to release this!"... Yoink!!!


I happened to have some insider information that a chest was about to be released in someone's house *wink*



The owner, Saldrin finally shows up and says the magic words... "I wish to release this"



Got it!



It was actually my smith who shall remain nameless for now...

I make a dash for the door as he tried to box me in with tables



I make my way out the door with the chest in on my curser.





The Co-owner of the house, Anathema shows up.


I do not know if she was talking to me or Saldrin here...
Well it could not possibly be me, as I have their chest and the only one that has lost something is Saldrin!



Saldrin makes an observation... We shall see who has the last laugh ;-)



Previously I had marked a rune to the front of the house next to the steps.

At this point, I need to drop the chest for a split second... You will see why later.



Now I begin a slow walk south .. Walking a few steps then regaining my stamina.



It sure is a slow walk! But Saldrin and Anathema are there to keep me company along the way...



I get quite a good distance to the south.

Saldrin and Anathema are still right next to me, so I let the chest drop to an invalid location. This automatically flings the chest back to it's previous valid location. (where I dropped it near the house).


I quickly recall back to the house before they even realise what just happened and sure enough the chest is waiting there for me.

Now I have plenty of time to get the hell out of there!.



I am teleported to vesper with the chest, where I can go thru the loot in private.


The loot is secure and there a lot to go through!

Being the generous soul I am, I leave some leftover junk for a passing scavenger.

And my closing message to Saldrin....

Keep your big mouth shut until you have your items securely back in your possession. You just end up looking like a fool.