Episode 33
Grizzly -Not the brightest lootee


I was outside dungeon Shame when I see Grizzly returning from a res.



Escort you to your body? Why of course!


We enter the dungeon and head toward level 2... Apparently I am not very good at escorting...

I dash ahead to find his body leaving him straggling behind me.



I reach level 2 with Grizzly lagging far behind me. It does not take long to find the corpse



A couple of minutes later Grizzly strolls by with a new escort.

They do not seem to notice that I am standing on the corpse. So I tell him that I saw the body to the south.



And off they go to find the body...


The body decays shortly after


About the only thing of value on Grizzly's corpse was his reg bag.

The two return after failing to find his body to the south. Perhaps Grizzly should choose his escorts more wisely in future as they both run straight passed the corpse yet again.


They both run back up to level 1 with Legolas trying to heal Grizzly on the way.


I follow them back to level 1 and notice that poor Grizzly did not make it.


Legolas was a little late with the heal... He is quickly resurrected by a group of adventurers on level 1.



Grizzly begins to explain the situation to the adventurers



After I confess to the looting, Grizzly still has no idea what is going on! He then slightly exaggerates his loss.



There was no gold on his body at all and only 50 of each reg.

The  next screenshot is a little hard to read..

Grizzly: "I will give 7k to anyone that can find my body on lv2"


He will give someone 7k for finding his1200gp's worth of regs, 10 fish cakes and a magic mace worth about 300gp.How can anyone be this stupid.




Grizzly STILL has no idea what happened to his things or where his body is! So he recalls away to get more regs.

I also do a quick bank of his things.



We meet back at the portal to level 2. He is still hoping to find his body that had long since decayed.



Again he assumes I am going to help find his corpse.... so I make sure I am not wasting my time.



So off we go to... err find his corpse.


We quickly run into a group of air elementals that grizzly provokes on to each other.


Well I simply could not have this!


After I peace make the area, all of the elementals attack poor Grizzly.




Grizzly succumbs to the elementals poison, and I begin to camp the corpse a second time.



Grizzly returns just in time to see me finish looting him. Yet still has no idea what happened to his regs



I will leave you with Grizzly's final words for the evening before I recalled to bank my new regs.....

* Note: If anyone out there spots Grizzly, please direct him to my site... I am sure he would love to find out  what actually happened.