Episode 32
Adam - Is that a vanq sword?


Jones spots potential loot at the ice dungeon!


Adam begins slaughtering innocent rat man mages in search of statues. He is carrying a magic scimitar... I smell vanq!



Adam mangaes to kill a few rat men, falling to very low health on a couple of occasions .



Well the 4th rat man was to much for Adam to handle.. He may have gotten away if I did not accidentally drop my keg in front of him...



Adam runs around in vein expecting me to resurrect him.


Finally someone comes along to res him... a little to late though I am afraid.


I can only imagine the disappointment when he returned to his empty corpse...



Hmmm... I have never seen a rat man loot that much!

Time to leave the dungeon... I do not want to lose my new vanq sword after all!


Outside the dungeon, I am thanked for looting him clean.... Well kind of...







After being called several different insulting names, it was time for me to take my leave and find a buyer for this vanq sword...




I eventually find a buyer for the sword who pays 24k.. Look closely at what happened when I sold it...

The two trade windows must have confused him.

After the box was ticked, I was able to hold the 24,000 coins in my pack which was quite odd..

Needless to say, I managed to keep my new vanq sword and the 24k that Lee kindly gave me ;-)

Thankthee very much!.........  *Ahem* Anyone want to buy a vanq scimitar?