Episode 31
Atheric de'Marin - Tougher dungeon than shame? Aye, Ice, where Jones's spawn!


Whilst at the Britain bank, I notice Atheric boasting that he can "Kick earth eles ass's" and he was looking for a tougher dungeon than Shame to hunt in.... I believe I have just the challenge for him!

I suggest the ice dungeon and inform him of what he can expect to find there.



While he plucks up the courage, I recall to Ice and organise a welcoming committee for him...


I wait outside for him to show up... seems like he still has some concerns.




If only Atheric knew just how "quick" that shot would be! ;-)

The welcoming committee turned out to be not so welcoming.
Literally his first step into the dungeon, he was killed!


Well, at least it will be a memorable first visit to Ice!

I settle in to loot the corpse.


The loot is complete...

A bystander tries to stop me, but he is driven off by my ogre lord friend.


I meet the newly resurrected Atheric outside...



Well he seems to have a sense of humour about it... perhaps because he thinks I am going to give his things back?



A fellow looter, Klayton turns up hoping to loot Atheric.



What do I want for it? Now he is speaking my language! We agree to meet at the Britain bank where we can discuss a deal...



Amongst his things there is a nice vanquishing broadsword that I would like to keep.



Atheric seemed very eager to get his armour back. The armour was nothing special, I would have trashed or smelted it if he did not want it back.

It certainty was not worth the outrageous price I offered him. I also did not expect him to pay it!



But he did... ;-)


I do not see what Atheric was so upset about!
after all, he did get what he was asking for did he not? He even got his armour back for a... err... bargain!