Episode 3
Ernim The helpful ghost



Some people are just so helpful when it comes to looting... they direct you right to the loot!


We run around a bit until we finally arrive at Ernim's corpse. Ernim soon realizes that I am not there to help, so he runs off to find a rez.


It does not take long for the body to decay and there is quite a nice selection of loot.


Poor old Jones was overloaded, so I had to sort through the rubbish that I did not want.... Then who should stop by but my #1 fan, Redrohnin from episode 2!
Apparently I am "suck a fucking looser". I still do not understand what this means.... oh well.


Redrohnin then started to hallucinate... perhaps having flashbacks from Vietnam?

I did not stick around to see who it was that was coming.