Episode 29
" It's Fun, Fun, Fun till the looter takes your new boat away... "


I am at Titan valley when I see Remy using blade spirits to kill the poor innocent Titans from a boat.

I also notice that he has left the boat open.. So I jump onboard to greet him!



I decide to have a little fun with him, so I get him to "show me" how he gets off the boat to loot the dead monsters ;-)



As planned, Remy then jumps off the boat to show me how well he loots dead monsters...

With a quick "Raise Anchor" and "Right!", I am setting sail into the big blue ocean leaving Remy stranded on the shore.


I leave the boat sailing to the east and recall back to titan valley.


By this time, Remy had recalled to his boat and was on his way back to the shore with it.

I hide and wait for him to return.



He makes the mistake of jumping off his boat again so I decide to take it for another ride!

This time I hide on the boat and wait for him to bring us back to shore.


Sure enough he recalls to the boat and brings us to shore



Obviously Remy had had enough and he recalls away. So I set the boat in the direction of Wyvern Island and head home myself.

Well... No loot, but t'was just a bit of harmless fun at someone else's expense ;-)