Episode 28
Uni Kolt - Where did you die? (don't answer that)


Whilst observing things at the bank, I notice that Uni Kolt in his death robe...


Perhaps he will be kind enough to tell me where he died?



Yep, he was stupid... err... I mean kind enough to tell me where he died!

I open my rune book of looting spots to the daemon temple on Fire Isle.


Sure enough his body was right where he said. Unfortunately Uni Kolt also manages to return quite quickly.



I take care of that by bringing him a few friendly monsters to play with.



Uni Kolt managed to retrieve his armour before hitting the ground a second time. So I will have to camp the corspe again.

I try to stall him by telling him that a healer is on the way. Alas it did not work.



I camp the corpse and Uni Kolt returns to retrieve just a few pieces of armour before he is driven off by the monsters.


The body decays and I loot the rest of his things.

We then move to a nearby house. the armour is no good to me when I do not have the entire set, so I offer to seel it back to Uni Kolt.



He pays me for the armour then asks for the ID wand back...



Oh wait, he must be talking about the wand I looted from his corpse!



Well there is no fooling Uni Kolt! Perhaps he would like to buy the nice wand I recently acquired? and at such a low price!



I recall back to the bank and Uni Kolt wanders by.


He still wants more of his items back... 8 empty bottles.



Uni Kolt buys the bottles back for 300gp but fails to realise I only put 4 bottles into the trade window.