Episode 27
zeelot insaner - Don't leave your computer unattended


I was wandering around the Ice dungeon entrance when I am suddenly attacked by an evil NPC PK!


I run to the entrance and see zeelot insaner standing quietly. Perhaps he will help me kill the PK?


The PK starts to attack zeelot and a fierce battle begins!


Judging from the health bars, it appears zeelot is not doing so well!


After a long struggle, zeelot finally hits the ground! Time for justice!



...... and time for looting!

Looks like the PK had done some looting of her own!


I get a little bored waiting for zeelots corpse to decay and I try to loot his neon hair...


I passer by asks what just happened...



How dare she accuse me of waiting there just to loot him....

Well the body finally decays and I loot him clean... Ahh regs and lots of them!

The life of a looter....