Episode 25
RocK - Shame loot


I am at the controller area south of Shame when I am informed that there are resser's required in the dungeon!

Sounds like a corpse camp is in order!


There is quite a bit of disorder in the area when we arrive.


One of the deceased had already retrieved his things, so I settle in to loot the corpse of RocK


I engage in conversation while I wait for the body to decay.


I manage to loot some things from the other corspe while I wait.

Finally the corpse turns to bones and I loot it clean. Hmmm that res was a bit late!


RocK is a little disappointed with the healer...


Back outside the dungeon...



I am generous enough to give him back his shield, as I am a little over loaded.



Hmm he sure does find it amusing, thinking that I am stuck there! I wonder if he was still laughing after I cast strength then recalled to the bank?




Later I return to Shame and see RocK is giving it another shot...