Episode 24
Athanasius & Shane - Helping the looter loot!


This is a story of deceit and betrayal! Do-Gooders had best not read this one...

I am in dungeon Shame again and see a fresh corpse on the ground! There is a hive of activity in the area.


Well time for me to get comfortable and start to camp...
Hmmm... can you spot the corpse? ;-)


I figure it will be better for me to remain unhidden as the corpse was going to be hard to see under those bodies.

The action dies down and along comes Shane... I don't think Shane knows I am standing on top of a corpse waiting to loot, so he may come in handy with all these Earth Elementals around.


It was going to be a while before the body decays so I suggest to Shane that we heal each other... So Shane proceeds to heal me when the monsters spawn. It came in very handy, as I did not have to move and reveal the corpse.

Shane's health begins to drop. I make various excuses when I am required to heal.


(Not very good healing for other people!)


Shane appears to be in trouble... Thankfully he was keeping me at full health!


He starts to flee with only a sliver of health.


It does not take long for the Earth Elemental to finish him off.... Well it looks like I will have to heal myself now.


Right on que Athanasius's body decays! A nice selection on loot...


Sometimes I wish I had spirit speak.


Wearing my newly found armour I settle in to loot the corpse of Shane.

Nightstalker, dragoon and Kurtis enter the scene to help him.


After several failed resurrection attempts. They suggest someone retrieve Shane's things for him.... I gladly volunteer for the task!



Shane's body decays while they are still trying to resurrect him... and as promised, I loot him clean!

The loot is complete and I am on my way.

Remember folks... be careful whom ye trust! ;-)