Episode 21
Starblaze - "Where is my body?"


Ahh... I love the smell of ghosts in the morning!


StarBlaze is obviously is a bit of trouble. His body must be around somewhere so as soon as he gets ressed, he leads me straight  to the loot!

Oh dear, what a mess! StarBlaze dies again before he can even reach his body. I hide and wait for the body to decay.


4 minutes later, StarBlaze returns only to take yet another dirt nap. By this time his original corpse was being covered in monster bodies.


StarBlaze returns again with a friend so he is able to stay alive. His body had still not decayed..... Fortunately it was well out of sight.


StarBlaze is having a lot of trouble trying to locate his body (It's under there somewhere!)


Finally it decays to bones and I complete the loot... Since he was looking for his body I decide to tell him where it is.
See? I can be helpful sometimes!


Well I might as well tell him where the evil orc helm is... Ahh there it is!!!


After I decline to give back his things, I am off to bank my loot.


There was some decent loot on this corpse.


I never have to buy regs! ;-)


A few minutes later, I am greeted by StarBlaze near the Tavern.


And look who else turns up! It's my good friend Redrohnin! (see episodes 2 and 3)


Now the begging and insults begin.


This scene is familiar to Redrohnin. So he offers StarBlaze some good advice...
Redrohnin: "Don't waste your time"


For some reason they do not like poor old Jones very much!




Redrohnin can not seem to kill me because of high karma? What a brave warrior he is!


And the "Lamest threat of the year award" goes to... StarBlaze for this one...


Redrohnin claims to have a contract on my death.

For a second, I consider cashing in the 1 mil reward myself, but I doubt he even has 1 mil or would even pay it if he did.

After threatening me with GM calls and the like, they are on their way. It was a glorious loot indeed!