Episode 20
Saruman & Tathar - When the 1K fee is offered, it's a good idea to accept


While in the Ice dungeon I notice Saruman and Tathar killing the arctic ogre lord with blade spirits.


I offer them my special "1K non interrupting fee". For the low price of 1000gp, I will leave the area and not cause any trouble!

A bargain! I bet they have made five times that amount since they have been there!

They do not seem to understand...


From the lack of response, I assume they are not interested in paying me 1000gp.... Oh well.

I inform a group of ice and snow elementals of the evil blade spirit casters. They follow me down to where Saruman and Tathar are casting.

I hide in the shadows and watch the chaos unfold!


It does not take long for Tathar to hit the ground. Saruman lasts a bit longer.


I offer the fee one last time.


No reply.


Saruman sure is a good runner!


At this point, Tathar manages to return and loot most of his body... Looks like I will have to wait for him to decay twice as he dies again quickly after looting.


Saruman appears to be in trouble.




I sit back and wait for Tathar to decay.


Have a look at this loot! I did not know statues were spawning on Tathar's now!


Saruman is due to decay any second!


The loot is complete!..... well almost.


Lord Kesper grabs one of the bags in hopes of giving it back to Saruman. He then asks if I am a friend of the deceased....
"Why... errr... of course I am!"


That was to easy!


Well the statue has found a new home

All of this would have been avoided if they simply paid the 1000gp!