Episode 18
The two Peppers


At the entrance to the Ice dungeon, I meet  Red Pepper and Green Pepper. They have died inside and are trying to recover some things.


Green Pepper (the female) makes a terrible mistake by telling me a monster has looted her reg bag...


What's this!?? she wants me to keep it? Twill be my pleasure! ;-)


It seems they assume I will return the reg bag if I find it!
If only they knew who they were talking to...


I try to get some more  information to make my job a little easier, but they enter the cave before giving me a reply.


I follow them into the cave, hide and observe the situation...
Red Peppers decayed body was at the entrance of the cave but unfortunately they had already recovered that loot.


I now see what the cause of all this chaos was....


Naturally, Red Pepper is running for the exit almost as quickly as he had entered the dungeon.


Alas! he does not make it out alive, and he was so close!


I could not ask for a better guard for the corpse!


Two minutes later, Red Pepper comes charging into the cave! I am guessing he is a little cold.


Bad idea!


Looks like he has decided it is safer outside... will he make it???




The White wyrm then turns on Green Pepper just as Red Peppers first body decays... The perfect opportunity!


Red Pepper returns to watch me loot him!


After I have finished looting, I walk outside and notice one of the pepper's is waiting for a rez.
Remember, Red Pepper is still inside the cave. (alive when we last saw him).
I wonder where he is now?


Ahh, there he is!


I walk back inside to camp the corpse.


Green Pepper is looted and back outside I go.

Well, no time to chat. There is still the matter of the missing reg bag!

The ogre lord helps me keep the white wyrm busy while I search for the evil looter monster!


Ahh ha! The two ratmen look very suspicious!


Success! That pink pack does not look like standard ratman loot!


Looks like the ratman looted more than just a reg bag.


Well my work here is done and I head to the exit.

Green Pepper is still waiting outside and thanks me for looting. I always like a polite lootee!


Well that made no sense at all! How would I be keeping it if I gave it back?


Green Pepper is a little confused. I should set her straight.


Now she begins making threats!


Well I offer her some advice and head off to bank my new things.


It was a very good selection of loot. I hope to see The two Peppers in the ice dungeon again some day!