Episode 14
Dragoth - The loot that never was!


This episode is for the lootee's that wish they could have revenge on Jones.. Yeah you know who you are!
The ones who claim they will kill me if they ever see me in fel etc... It shows that sometimes even the looter doesn't win!

I was in shame when suddenly I smell loot in the air thanks to Dragoth.

Dragoth flee's through the grey gate... Hmmm who put those dull copper elementals there? *wink*


Well it's under there somewhere...


Ahhh there it is!


The body decays to bones and there is some nice loot in this corpse!


Dragoth returns (after I had looted) and dies in vein trying to recover his things...


I consider looting him again to the amusement of an onlooker.


While waiting for the second body to decay I receive the dreaded message...


When the shard comes back online, I find myself at the Britain bank (alive at least).
There had been a 20 minute time warp. Had this loot just been a dream?

Well now I know how the lootee's feel. "ALL THAT WORK FOR NOTHING!" ;-)