Episode 13
Yuasa Akihiro - Don't go in there!


While lurking around in dungeon Shame, I see the classic newbie underestimating the power of the scorpions.


I just know Yuasa doesn't have it in him to recover from this one.


The health bar gradually drops until the inevitable...


Yuasa Akihiro falls to the ground and I begin to camp the corpse


And look who else is having the same trouble, It's Quell  from episode 9!


Yuasa's body decays and I begin to loot.


And quite a nice selection is to be had!

Just think, he did all that work for me!


I wont be needing that purple potion.


Yuasa returns with some help.. to late I'm afraid.


Without saying a word, he unloads his death robes and is off down the tunnel.... Just how many time did this guy die?


The moral of the story... Don't underestimate the scorpions, they have been a source of much loot for me!